6 Weeks Beginner's piano Class.
This class is designed to meet the needs of those who are interested in the piano playing but do not have all the time to go through a regular music school which might take a long period of time to learn.
How does this class work?
Once you made payment for this class, a link to all the videos that explain all the process of the piano playing in this class will be sent to you so you can download and study them. This class doesn't end at that, all the piano students of this course will be added to a group on whatsapp where the students can interact which each other. Students can post their questions on this group and I will personally attend to the questions so every student could learn from the questions. There will be a time where the students might have some personal challenge, in such cases, this can be related to the instructor on a private chat.
The content of the class.
The class is grouped into 6 Weeks, each week is expected to be covered in one week, nevertheless, the students may cover more than a week's class in a week. If your job schedule will not allow you to meet up within the time frame, you can as well take your time on each week, the most important thing is you are learning and playing the piano in the right way.
Introduction. This is just a summary video of what you will be learning in the class
Week 1. This takes you on a journey of knowing the keys on the piano, and a little theory of music where the student will learn values of musical notes, who invented the piano and major difference between a piano and keyboard, if the students can cover this week faster, he can move to the next class within the week.
Week 2. Here, the learners will start to play the piano beginning with knowing the right fingering, there are 37 video exercises here that will build your fingers to play melodies, chords, and everything you will meet on your way as a piano player.
Week 3. This week introduces you to Chord. You will learn how to construct chords on your own and the right way to playing them. If you must go far in piano playing, you must pay a very good attention to this week.
Week 4. Here we will learn to apply the chords to some of the songs we learnt in week 2, the aim of teaching you this way is for you to create the ability to figure out chords to any song on your own. The chords here are just the basic ones but then, the right way to start.
Week 5. Now that we have learnt how to apply chords to songs, we will learn the chords patterns. This explains how we hold our chords based on the type of songs we are singing. Though the learners will learn more of this patterns in the next class which is a little advanced to this class.
Week 6. Most times, the piano students will learn to play the piano but then remain on their favourite keys, here, we encourage the students to learn to play other keys. This is what the students will learn here.