Advance Piano Chords 1 is a complete DVD targeted towards creating professional chords for different styles of music, it is not a beginner's series, it is meant for people who must have gone through a Beginner's Class in piano playing. If you don't have the basic knowledge of the piano, I recommend you for my beginner's class known as 6weeks Beginner's Piano Class.
This Advance Piano Chords (APC) is divided into two DVDs, The APC 1 and APC 2.
The APC 1 teaches you the following
■ Different left hand voicings
■ Chord tones
■ Right hand voicings
■ Rootless voicings
■ Inversions of the rootless voicings
■ Different combinations of left and right hand voicings
■ Commonly used left and right voicings
■ How to create variations of chord 1 in worship
■ How to voice 2-5-1, 3-6-2-51, 1-5-1, 1-4-1 progressions in advanced way.
■ Demonstrations with different songs
■ Break downs of the songs used for demonstration.

The APC 2 is meant to take APC 1 to the next level, the attention is more on gospel keys approach of the APC 1. In addition, a lot of progression will be explained, different ways of playing an intro, drop 2 techniques and tritones.
To download the APC 1, you can make your payment to
Johnson Adeleke
Access Bank.
Once your payment is done, you notify me with the proof of your payment on my
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