Advanced Piano Chords 2
This DVD explained a gospel approach to the piano playing, you don't have to follow any particular order in practising the lessons on this videos because each video explained different concepts. If you are a beginner in the piano playing, if will recommend Advanced Piano Chords 1 to you before exploring this DVD, and if you are a complete beginner, I will advice you to take my Beginner's piano class which supposed to last for 6 Weeks but can be more than that.
The concepts explained and demonstrated in this video are;
■ Drop 2
■ Tritone
■ Ditone on 3
■ Ditone on 7
■ Circle of 4th
■ Classic 5-1
■ 678 movements
■ Gospel tricks.
I can guarantee you these topics will make you a better gospel piano player.
The video comes with a whatsapp group where students can ask questions base on the lessons in the videos.
The DVD cost a token of N5,000 naira Nigerian money, after your payment is confirmed, just follow the link below and drop me a message, within some minutes, you will receive a link to download your videos.
Make your payments to:
Johnson Kayode Adeleke
Access Bank.