What is online piano class all about?

Online piano class is a piano school designed for learners to acquire desired piano knowledge at the comfort of their homes and at the learner's convenient time. The lessons are videos and pdf file, the student can relate directly with me the teacher in case he or she is having some difficulty in the learning process.

Can someone actually learn to play the piano online without any supervision?

Yes you can. The videos are broken down to simplify learning process.

Can a complete beginner learn to play the piano online?

Yes, I have a Beginner's Piano Class DVD which can take care of learning the piano from the scratch. It is called 6 Weeks Beginner's Piano Class.

Is there any piano tutorials for intermediate ones?

Yes there is, you can go through the classes under the online piano class.

Are the online classes free?

No they are not free, free classes can only be made available once in a while.

How can someone make payments for the classes?

You can make payment either through transfer or bank deposit, our account number is there for you to use.

How I'm i sure I will get what I paid for since I'm not seeing the person physically?

Trust is very important when dealing with people online but be rest assured that you will get value for your money, I am always online and my contact and social media handles are on my website. I also do transactions online with people I don't know, I paid for my website hosting, domain and many other stuff online, trust is needed to do business online and you can trust us.

There are many free stuff online for piano, why should I pay for one?

Free stuff most time are not completely free, there is always a catch somewhere. When surfing for piano lessons online, you might be taking just a random classes which might not be okay for you. Our classes are fashioned in a progressive way.

How can I get the videos I paid?

The link to the videos in any class you paid for will be sent to you, you can then decide to watch it anytime or even download it to watch offline.

Are the videos available on DVD or soft copy?

The videos are available in both format but getting a hard copy will incur additional payment