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6 Weeks Beginner's Piano Class

N3,000 only

This class is for a complete beginners, it is divided into 6 Weeks with the aim of covering the beginning class in just 6 Weeks, it is also good for students already playing but need to get the foundation right.


Advanced Piano Chords 1

N3,000 only

This class is loaded with 18 Videos covering the basics of how professionals play chords to songs, anyone registering for this class must have gone through the piano beginner's class. The chords were demonstrated with songs.


Advanced Piano Chords 2

N3,000 only

Advanced piano chords 2 is an advanced level of APC 1, It explains beyond regular chords used in most records, it introduces the piano students to concepts like drop 2, circle of 5th, diminished chords, sus4 and the rest.


Passing chords

N3,000 only

I called this DVD an essential piano tool because it is a way of moving from a chord to other chords, the way you get to your destination chords shows how deep your knowledge of piano playing.